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Frauki's Adventure is a challenging melee-combat platformer set in a large, interconnected world. Dodge, slash, stomp, and outplay a variety of intelligent and deadly Alien Robots. Discover shortcuts and find hidden upgrades. Challenging sword-fights and a sprawling, bizarre world await!

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Challenging Melee Combat

Alien robots are no pushover! Frauki will have to be careful, precise, and smart to defeat them. They won't be forgiving of even the slightest mistake!

Explore a Complex, Interconnected World

The ruins of Frogland are deep and maze-like. Frauki must open shortcuts, find portals, and keep her bearings to get to the end. Every death sends her right back to the surface, so she must pay attention!

Retrieve the Prism Shards

Rescue the glimmering prism shards from the alien robots... before it's too late!

Unravel the Secrets of Frogland

Some things can never be truly understood. But Frauki can try! As Frauki works her way into the depths of this world, she can uncover clues about its past, present, and future.

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